Monday, September 29, 2014

Drug Dealer and Pimp Turned Preacher Helps People Avoid Poverty

Praise God, we love it when someone comes out of the underworld and shares their testimony.  This former drug dealer and pimp, John Turnipseed is not only testifying about how God set him free, but he helps people come out of poverty.  Now, we can respect Minister Turnipseed, because he's not like these prosperity preachers who ask for money and have no testimony.  He's reaching people for Jesus Christ and giving people the blueprint to get out of poverty.  He's written a book called, 'Bloodline', which tells his life story.

According to, in his soon-to-be-released autobiography Bloodline, Turnipseed tells how his troubled childhood led him into a life of crime and how surrendering his life to Christ led him to become a helping hand for others living hard lives. 

Praise God for Minister John Turnipseed's deliverance and we pray sinners who take heed to his life story will give their lives to Jesus Christ. 

Drug Dealer and Pimp Turned Preacher: God Wants to Bring You Out of Your Desperate Situation

By Stephanie Samuel , Christian Post Reporter

Once a notorious gangster, drug dealer and pimp, John Turnipseed knows what it's like to feel trapped in sin. Now a licensed minister, Turnipseed wants those struggling to...Read full article, here.


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