Wednesday, September 10, 2014

E. Dewey Smith Says Jesus Isn’t Enough! Is He Now Like Bishop Carlton Pearson?

At first, we were much afraid Pastor E. Dewey Smith lost his mind.   It's scary to read the headlines that he said Jesus isn't enough, but he makes the point you need the Holy Ghost.  Our point is this, yes, you need the Holy Ghost, because the Word of God says the Spirit is our Comforter; however, we can never leave out Jesus Christ.   He made it very clear though, we don't understand why people cannot understand that along with Jesus, you need the Holy Ghost.   No, he's not about to be like Bishop Carlton Pearson with that Gospel of Inclusion, thank God. 

Honestly, you cannot be so Baptist, you cannot understand Pastor Smith's statement.  You can't deny the Holy Ghost, because if you do so, you cannot be forgiven, according to Matthew 12:31

Now the statement about Jesus not being able to visit you, we totally disagree, you don't need friends to contact you on FB or take you out to dinner to feel complete, Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost and the Father all in One is certainly enough.
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Mega Preacher Says Jesus Isn’t Enough!

n this day and era every word that comes from the Preacher’s mouth is under scope. This past weekend at House of Hope with Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. there was statement made by...Read full article, here.


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