Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Listen to Apostle Lobias Murray's Sermon, 'We are Living in a Snakey Land'

In this sermon, Apostle Lobias Murray preached about people with snakey spirits.   If you recall, in the book of Genesis, the scripture explains how Eve became evil, because she excepted deception.  Apostle Murray preached about all types of snake spirits that pretend to be so sweet, but they'll turn on you.  No doubt, this is why God forewarned us to 'beware of dogs,' Philippians 3:2. No snakes are not dogs, but in people, the spirit can be very similar, they'll bite you and you won't even expect it.  Those are evil people who are so evil, you won't expect them to hurt you to the extreme.

There are many cunning people in the church and even those in general, we thought loved us at one time.  People with snake spirits pretend to like you, but hate you on the inside.   They may seem like they are full of love, but they've got sneaky spirits and they really want to destroy you, all because they are used by the devil.   If you've wondered why certain people surprise you once you find out who they are, it's simply because they've got snake spirits.   This is why there is so much evil on earth, in families, friendships, relationships, simply because those who have not yielded and fully surrendered to God have cunning spirits, which are snakes using them until they fall down into the pit of hell.  

Saints of God, we must fast and pray and forgive these sort of people.  Many of these type of people have been in our lives and Satan uses them to see if we are going to backslide and get revenge, but it's not worth it.  

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