Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Neighbors will sue SC Pastor Released from jail for Noisy Church Services

This sort of reminds us of the scriptures found in Luke 9:5 and Matthew 10:14 and Mark 6:11, which says we are supposed to shake the dust off of our feet if a house or a city does not receive us.   Honestly, this sounds like a quiet neighborhood full of some sophisticated folks who are not used of the anointing flowing within the sanctuary, so much, it is heard outdoors.   Therefore, we think Pastor Johnnie Clark should leave this town and go into the inner city where many souls need Jesus and won't mind a lot of noise in their community or neighborhood.

After South Carolina Pastor Johnnie Clark Is Released from Jail Over Noisy Church, Neighbors to Sue

A three-year neighborly feud between homeowners and a church looks like it has no resolution near.

The dispute is between Rehoboth United Assemblies on Laurel Street and the neighbors who live near it. It’s led to a brief time in...Read full article, here.

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