Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ohio Grand Jury Will Not Press Charges Against White Police Officers Who Shot and Killed Black Man in Wal-mart

We want to announce to the black race to turn to God.   Case after case keeps making headlines in the news about whites fatally or brutally attacking blacks.   In this era, we have a lot of black people denying their heritage and most of all, denying Jesus Christ.  Ohio Grand jury refuse to press charges against white police officers who shot and killed John Crawford III in Wal-mart.

Many black people cannot expect peace within the entire race, if they refuse to repent.   Now, we are not saying this young victim is responsible for what happened to him, but spiritually, as a whole there have been too many similar cases of racism hitting the headlines.  Overall in the 21st century, too many black people refuse to accept Jesus Christ as Lord while yet idolizing the white race and changing themselves to be like them.  Then, when they turn on them, they wonder why, simply because God wants them to be grateful to be black and worship only Him.   

Honestly, is it fair to keep complaining about injustice against the black race, if there is hardly and love and unity among themselves?  Is it fair to keep complaining about these case if God is not loved and worshiped by the black race?  Is it fair to keep complaining about how white cops keep killing black people, if the black race refuse to repent and stop idolizing the white race? Now, many of you are probably angry about the grand jury's decision, but just think about how many black people have offended God by not worshiping and repenting to Him.

Ohio Grand Jury Decides Not to Press Charges Against White Police Officers Who Shot and Killed Black Man in Wal-mart

Federal investigators will review whether two white police officers violated the civil rights of a black man they fatally shot while he held a BB gun in a Dayton-area Walmart in August, the U.S. Justice Department said on Wednesday.

The announcement came hours after an Ohio grand jury decided not to...Read full article, here.

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