Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One of Megachurch Prophet, T.B. Joshua's Building Collapsed and Killed nearly 70 People

Prophet T.B. Joshua is under scrutiny, after one of his church buildings collapsed and killed about 70 people.  Allegedly, some of his church members blocked rescue efforts, afterwards.  Now, we are not sure what actually took place, but we question why church workers didn't want anyone rescued from that tragic occurrence. Now, as far as we know Prophet Joshua has allowed God to use him to lay hands on many people full of the Devil, but some of his members who blocked rescuers may still need deliverance.  Did they try to stop rescuers, because this was a plot for profitable gain for some church officials?  What do you think, SCR readers?

Popular Nigerian Megachurch Pastor, T.B. Joshua, Faces Scrutiny After Officials Claim Church Workers Blocked Rescue Efforts Following Building Collapse

A Nigerian televangelist whose exuberant followers across Africa and beyond believe he has powers of healing and prophesy is now under scrutiny after one of his buildings collapsed, killing at least 70 people.

Following the disaster, officials charged that church workers...Read full article, here.

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