Monday, September 29, 2014

Pastor Bryan Loritts Tells his Church Members to Leave the Building and Walk Around the City and Pray

Praise the Lord, Pastor Bryan Loritts is really a true man of God.   God had also informed us what Pastor Loritts wants his church members to do, and that is, to walk around the city in pray.  God desires for pastors who spend a lot of time with him in prayer to ask their church members do the same across America.  God created the earth, so it's up to us to walk on the land and pray. 

Really, if some other pastors would have not been focused on fame and fortune for so many years, then there would not have been so many tragic occurrences here in America.  To tell you the truth, the same thing that will work in this country, will work in foreign countries.   

Furthermore, the problems we've been having with ISIS, same-sex marriage, racism, abortions, crime of all sorts, any other type of tragedies, this is definitely the solution besides living holy.  We are in a spiritual warfare; therefore, prayer is the key to in this spiritual battle against any type of demonic spirits.

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Pastor Bryan Loritts Tells his Multi-Campus Fellowship Church to Leave the Building and Walk Around the City and Pray

According to church members who chatted about the prayer walk on social media, about 1,700 members of Fellowship Memphis prayer-walked around the city on Sunday. They prayed at the University of...Read full article, here.


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