Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pastor H.B. Charles Jr. says “Preachers of LA” is “Foolishness”, But 'Preachers of Detroit' is now coming!!!

We clearly understand how Pastor H. B. Charles feels about 'Preachers of LA', but you always have got some copycats.  Now that 'Preachers of Detroit' is lined up for their show, we wonder what does Pastor H. B. Charles have to say about them?   There's so many copycats in the black church when it comes to reality shows, we wonder which city of black preachers are next with their own show?

We sincerely wish black preachers would realize God is going to send His wrath down on them for not following after His Son, Jesus Christ.  Instead, most of them have chosen to follow the wicked ways within most of today's popular mega churches.  It seems like there are very few pastors who've got some sense like Pastor H. B. Charles.  It seems like he has the fear of God and too much to disrespect His Kingdom.  He's says "Preachers of LA" is "Foolishness." Therefore, now that we see 'Preachers of Detroit' coming, we expect Pastor H. B. Charles to also speak out against all (black) preachers who are starting their own reality show.  

At first, the average black preacher no longer wanted to identify with being holy and began calling it tradition so they would start their own multi-million dollar empire of a mega ministry. They began letting an 'anything goes' trend in the House of God.  Then, along with that mess came preachers starting their own secret society to gain fortune from the hip hop gospel and christian rap movement, because they wanted the wealth like a lot of white pastors who supported christian rock stars and got rich because of it.  Now, the average one wants to be seen on their own reality show.  If so many of them are copycats, they don't need to be preaching, they need to fall down at the altar and ask God to forgive them for not being themselves.  They need to repent for not obeying Jesus Christ who expects them to follow after him and not being a celebrity.  They need to repent for not realizing Jesus Christ is the only celebrity and so much more than that.

In the meantime, we are going to pray that God bring more original preachers into the black church to no longer be copycats, but to be themselves and vow to be holy like the late Apostle Lobias Murray or even his grandson, Apostle Herman Murray, for example.  We pray there are no more black preachers to start their own reality shows, which is going to cause a lot of sinners to stay away from the church.  Why?  Because these preachers are showing their hypocrisy, which is very real in their private lives.

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