Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Members Drink Gasoline Out Of Bottle: Jim Jones Demon Still Here!!!

Now, this video was originally posted by Rabboni Ministries on You Tube, so they really think it's okay to drink gasoline.   No where in the Bible does it say to drink or eat anything poisonous to prove how powerful God is.  Let us assure you, the same demon who lured and deceived people through Jim Jones never left.  This is pure deception. Thanks to our source, Pimppreacher.com, you will see this following video revealing these Africans drinking pinapple flavored gasoline, very dangerous.    

Watch when Pastor Lesego Daniel ask the first church member how it taste?  When she answers 'it's sweet,' it sounds like a demon shouting out of her and even the other church members surrounding her appear to be under a satanic influence.  Something is very wrong with this ministry.

Watch Video


Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Members Drink Gasoline Out Of Bottle

The same Pastor that caused an international outrage when he demanded that his members “eat grass in order to become closer to God” has just managed to embarrass the entire Body of Christ...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo: Pimppreacher.com

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