Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pastor Tony Evans Allegedly says his Church will Confront Abusive Men, Women Don't have to Submit to Them

Pastor Tony Evans has stepped up to protect the women in his church.  He has instructed women to escape, if a man ever abuses them.  We think that is very courageous of Pastor Evans, because too many times we have heard various pastors defend abusive men.   Allegedly, one of our journalists who attended New Birth says that she used to hear Bishop Long defend abusive men and not say much to support hurting women. 

According to, forty-two percent of pastors "rarely" or "never" speak about domestic violence, and less than 25 percent of them speak to their church about such abuse once a year, according to LifeWay Research's telephone survey of 1,000 senior pastors of Protestant churches. 

Praise God, for Pastor Tony Evans caring about women who are abused by men.  We also want to say, he did make the point, women should not be putting their hands on the man, of course.

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Women Do Not Have to Submit to an Abusive Man, Says Pastor Tony Evans; Tells Victims in Church 'We Will Confront Him'

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

"Submission never means abuse," Pastor Tony Evans told his Dallas, Texas, congregation on Sunday, making it clear what he believes the Christian position is on domestic violence.

"We've been hearing about one kind of struggle here lately — domestic abuse," said Evans, referring to recent news headlines concerning Ray Rice, who was...Read full article, here.

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