Friday, September 26, 2014

Pastor Tony Smith Talks about Ferguson Riot Hypocrisy: Amen!!

Pastor Tony Smith tells the truth about Michael Brown, whether you agree or not.  The youngster stole cigars and put his hands on an elder, which was not only theft, but disrespect.   Of course, we feel very bad what happened, but young people these days are disrespectful and parents should be honest about it.    Even the teen who was with him was an accessory, because he took the cigars when Brown allegedly handed it him, according to the previous video we showed you.  Now, a lot of you black people these days get mad when the truth is told, but this is why we cannot get anywhere, simply because the majority of our people just won't do right and accept discipline.  Also, there's a lot of division in the race, because a lot of parents refuse to make the children take responsibility for their own actions.   God wants black people to accept the truth and abide by His Word and make their children follow it.  Your children should not be getting away with disrespecting their elders and if they get murdered, it's because of their rebellion and your neglect to raise the right, most of the time.

Watch Video

Source: TWOY Synonogue

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