Friday, September 5, 2014

Satanic ‘Blasphemy Challenge’ Encourages People to Post Clips of Themselves Cursing God

Many of you Christians who think we are not living in the last days, you need to recognize you're in error.  Can you believe there is an actual contest going on that is for devil worshipers to curse God?  There is an actual 'blasphemy challenge for people to posts clips of themselves cursing God, according to 

You need to realize a lot of the problems we face in this world is simply because there are devil worshipers who are on a mission to combat followers of Christ.  

We did a previous article about a hell testimony of someone who actually saw a child in hell.   When she asked Jesus Christ why the child was in hell, he replied that it's because children are more mature these days, into all types of sin.  Do you see the above photo?  However, this challenge includes all ages.  

According to, blasphemy-challenge promoters make no secret of their desire to promote atheism among teens. One website offered to send a free DVD documentary against Christianity to teens who post a video rejection of God online.  

One of the important points we read in source's article is this, how are these people cursing a supernatural being they don't believe in?  Therefore, this tells us, they really do believe God exists, they just do desire to worship Him.  They've made a choice to serve the devil.

Satanic ‘Blasphemy Challenge’ Encourages People to Post Clips of Themselves Cursing God

Though only 17, high school senior Perri Frost has met more than her share of atheists and agnostics. For several years she has been reaching out to fellow teens who are skeptics, including some who post videos on...Read full article, here.


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