Saturday, September 13, 2014

South Carolina pastor in Jail for having Church Too Loud

Oh God, what has the world come to?!  Now, we are living to see a pastor, Johnny Clark in jail for having loud church services?  We can't believe this and get this, the authorities allegedly requested for them not to worship at all.  This is really crazy.   What's so bad is this, we already have too many black churches who are ashamed to make a loud joyful noise for Christ.  So many black churches are so sophisticated and conservative these days, they would not even want to speak up for Pastor Clark.

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Pastor in SC Gets Jail Time for Praising the Lord

South Carolina pastors, take heed: Praising the Lord to your fullest capabilities might gain you favor in heaven, but it probably won't on...Read full article, here.

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Source and Photo: WLTX

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