Thursday, September 11, 2014

Social Media Campaign Calls for People to 'Burn White Jesus': Is it Worth It???

We want to ask you a question, after the way many black people have mistreated and killed each other, is it yet worth proving what color Jesus is? "Mr. Savannah Black" is running a social media campaign to call for people to burn white Jesus.  A lot of blacks are marrying mating with whites and deny they are black themselves.  What difference does it make what color Jesus is?   

The main thing is that black people make sure they repent and stop worshiping white people and stop hating themselves and each other before the end this life.  They need to stop changing their features and lightning their skin.   Furthermore,  too many black people have emotionally hurt each other and most of all, too many of them have offended Jesus Christ.   How can this man go on a mission to burn this photo of white Jesus if a lot of black people don't want to be black and are prejudice against their own kind?  This social media campaign is not worth it, because when Jesus Christ returns, he's going to evaluate our lives and question us if we live a holy life?  Did we love or hate each other. Why didn't he or she as a black person give their souls to Christ?  Just think about it, what if the rapture comes right now?  Is what this guy doing worth it?

Social Media Campaign Calls for People to 'Burn White Jesus'

By Michael Gryboski , Christian Post Reporter
A man has posted a video to YouTube calling for people to set fire to pictures of Jesus Christ that depict him as a white man.

The video was posted on YouTube last month by a man calling himself...Read full article, here.

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