Saturday, September 6, 2014

Victoria Osteen Chides Critics, allegedly making excuses for her remark about worshiping God

Usually, when you offend people, especially as a child of God, you say you're sorry.  Victoria seem to be putting the blame on her critics, saying  it' ridiculous, and only the critics and cynics are interpreting my remarks that way.  No, Victoria is wrong, only those  who refuse to place themselves above God refuse to agree with her. 

According to, co-pastor Victoria Osteen now says that's not what she meant and dismissed the notion as "ridiculous." 

 Victoria Osteen seems to be possessed with a demonic spirit of pride.  Do you recall what happened after he allegedly hit the flight attendant, (see here).  She didn't apologize a far as we know instead she and Joel battled it out in court until they won.  She's supposed to be a woman of God, she doesn't act like it.

Victoria Osteen Chides Critics: I Didn't Mean Parishioners Shouldn't Worship God … That's Ridiculous

By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter

After weathering a blistering week of scorn and ridicule for controversial comments she made during a worship service at the popular Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, including a declaration that worship is not for God, co-pastor Victoria Osteen...Read full article, here.


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