Sunday, September 7, 2014

Watch Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons, "MAN SHALL NOT LIVE BY BREAD ALONE"

In this video, Apostle Lobias Murray teaches us how to stay in the Word of God to become delivered and set free.  If you want your children to be saved, you must teach them the Word of God, which is the spiritual food we need, natural food alone won't do it.   If you desire to be delivered and set free, you must study God's Word, because natural food is not enough to survive this life.

The devil will deceive you and your family and win if you don't remain in God's Word.  You will be a slave to the devil, if you refuse to learn how to follow Jesus Christ through the Word of God.  You can't live this life without studying and following God's Word.  

The truth is, there's nothing traditional or old fashion about following God's Word.  The devil has deceived many of you into thinking life is all about survival, making a living in order to eat.  However, if you seek God and receive His Word, you cannot survive and this goes for all ages, children and adults.   

Apostle Lobias Murray makes it very plain that if you have not been taught the Word of God and accept, you will die.  You cannot live by bread alone.

Watch Video

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