Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where did Holy Laughing Come From? Watch Kenneth Copeland and the Late Kenneth Hagin Fall Out Laughing, Wierd


What is this crazy mess?  We've never seen folks in church act so nutty.  The world already call the saints crazy, now we see why so many people don't want to identify with the church.  Now, point out a biblical scripture that instructs us to act like this.   

When we saw Leroy Thompson on this video, allegedly sitting up with these people, suddenly a light bulb popped on, obviously this is why the black church is so twisted; hanging around these some of these pastors of mega ministries.  The black church made a mistake, joining the Word movement, because of the way these people are acting on this following video is insane.  Black folks, you better go back to the old landmark and leave this mess alone.  Now, many of you black folks who are sophisticated who a part of mega ministries and the Word churches, you don't believe in crying out to God and getting emotional, but you will follow this mess, something is very wrong with that.  All through the Bible, we are instructed to cry out and praise God, not go emotionally crazy in some sort of strange laughter.

This video was back in the late 90's, but-we found another popular preacher of a mega ministry, Rodney Howard Brown who is still carrying on like this, allegedly. This is a bunch of foolishness and these folks just got to much money and don't know what else to do with their time.  However, in church you're supposed to be worshiping God, not going out of your mind, laughing for no reason.  The Holy Ghost has sense, He doesn't cause you to act abnormal, strange, weird.  Yes, we are said to be peculiar people, according to the Word of God, but not like this.

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Rodney Howard Brown tries to explain all of this nonsense

The Origin Of Word Of Faith Wickedness & Witchcraft: SEE VIDEO

PimpPreacher.com New Orleans 09/08/2014  

There are those in the Word of Faith Cult that still worship the late Kenneth Hagin until this day and believe those who speak against his teachings are encouraged to do so by the...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: Pimppreacher.com


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