Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wife of Convicted Rapist, Bishop Terry Hornbuckle, Speaks Out

Two important things we are so grateful Pastor Renee Hornbuckle said; she said she was sorry to the women her husband hurt and also not to give up on God.  This is a sign, she may not have really known her ex-husband, Bishop Terry Hornbuckle was taking advantage of his female victims.  The average first lady wouldn't have even said that much, usually they stand behind their man, regardless. You know, we can imagine, you have a lot to take care of when you are over a mega church. As the first lady, you can only keep up with so much, especially if your husband is the one in power over that ministry. 

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Renee Hornbuckle in our prayers.  However, we also pray that when Bishop Terry Hornbuckle gets out of prison, he comes out as a changed man, a righteous man, totally committed to God.

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Wife of Convicted Rapist, Bishop Terry Hornbuckle, Speaks Out for the First Time Regarding that Horrible Situation and the Domestic Abuse that She Suffered

He was the charismatic preacher; she was the supportive wife.

Together, Terry and Renee Hornbuckle built a successful mega church in Arlington with more than 2,000 members. They owned a beautiful home...Read full article, here.



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