Friday, October 3, 2014

Blood moon returns, Jesus Christ Is Soon to Come!!

To our knowledge, we've already had one Blood moon.  Now, another one is coming, and it seems as though the Bible's prophecy is coming to past.  You see, we are living an in era when a lot of things in the church are shocking us, a lot of wrong being called right and right, wrong.  Preachers are saying it's okay to shack, condoning homosexuality while same-sex marriage is on the rise.  Then, we have a lot of churches who are mingling with wickedness, when they very well know God told us to be holy.  A lot of atheists are winning their right to silence Christians, many churches are afraid to reveal a cross, so they reveal the globe and make the excuse they're reaching lost souls around the world.  Then, we've got a lot of entertainment in the church and a lack of anointing has ceased praise and worship.  Satanists are revealing their right to have their own services at public locations and even requesting their right to reveal the Baphomet at Oklahoma's city hall.  Also, we hear the microchip is going to be forced on all Americans for health coverage and even to buy and sell.  Therefore, we are not surprised that another Blood moon will be revealed by 7:24 a. m. and it will be 5.3% larger than the previous blood moon on April 15.says NASA, allegedly.

Watch Video


Photo: Griffith Observatory

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