Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Celebrity News: Iyanla Vanzant says 'we’ve lost our sense of community in the black family'

On the Yolanda Adams Morning Show, Iyanla Vanzant honestly opens up about the destruction of the black family.  She says we've lost our sense of community in the black family.  Yes, that's so very important that such a powerful black woman is honest about how parents don't care enough about their kids and this is what has destroyed our sense of community.  However, we just want to say a lot of times, our race has made the mistake of looking to whites and other races for our wholeness instead of God.  Our children grow up, with that same ill structure, because their parents are not raising them, they are not trained how to pray and look to God, instead they are more focused on how whites and other races see them and began to believe the lies from African Americans who idolize Europeans, Asians and Hispanics instead of worshiping God.  That's not just in the world, it's in the (average mega) church and so parents fail to use their intuition from God when raising their children.  Tells us, how we can strengthen our community when so many blacks have sold out to believe the lies of Satan spoken through people who choose not to serve God? Therefore, parents who do not serve God lose interest in raising their own children.  We must pray and ask God to give black people a mind to seek Him and not humanity who sees themselves as the superior being to all dark people.  We can never have courage within our community, if we choose not to believe what God says about us.  After doing so, how can you properly raise your children?  How can black people love and respect each other?  It will never happen...generation after generation...it will forever be lost...

Source and Photo: http://www.joy105.com

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