Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Celebrity News: SCR Take on Raven-Symoné Not Wanting to Be Called African-American

Really this ancient debate is sickening.  If black people don't know who they are by now, they're lost, in our opinion.  Raven-Symone is one of many African Americans who deny their heritage. This is one of the biggest reasons why the majority of the black race have not gotten very far, simply because they deny who God created them to be.   God does not like it when we refuse to be called dark, black or African American.  God does not like it when we are ashamed to be a part of the black race.  Yes, we may be ashamed of how many of them acted over the years and do not want to identify with ignorance of some blacks, but it's wrong to deny being black.  There is a hell waiting for all black people who deny their identity.   As far as Raven-Simone saying she's just American, this is the same number, Whoopi Goldberg pulled years ago, but yet she wears her kinky dreads.  Another thing, just let what happened to Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin happened to Raven Simone, her family and friends will be crying and screaming about racism and calling on Rev. Al Sharpton rally too.  This is a cycle that occurred back in the 20th century, same old mess holding black people of all shades, not accepting who they are.

If Raven Simone is not black, then what was she doing acting as a member of a black family on The Cosby Show?  Like many African Americans, both light and dark, once they've made it, they want to obscure any part of being black.  Jesus don't like that, it's self-hatred, in our opinion and hatred is murder.

One question about T. I. somewhat agreeing with her, how could he support her?  We thought he was too intelligent for that.

T.I. Talks Raven-Symoné Not Wanting to Be Called African-American

T.I. is adding his two cents to the Raven-Symone debate. During an appearance on Larry King Now, the Atlanta rapper was asked what he thought of Symone’s statement that she considers herself an “American, not an...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo:  Black Christian News

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