Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dr. Cornel West and Ministers Arrested for protests in St. Louis

Dr. Cornel West and some ministers have been arrested for protests in St. Louis, History is repeating itself these days.  It seems like this is another event that will always be remembered for generations to come.   This reminds of back in the 60's when Dr. Martin Luther King amd Rosa Parks fought for civil rights and they along with protesters were arrested.  However, since four decades have passed, it is still ugly to be black in the minds of many African Americans.  Many have turned on their own kind for other races and we feel it's a waste of time to protest, because there has been hardly any progress within the black community. Furthermore, although we understand the rage after two teens were shot, we want to ask you this question; why didn't the majority of the black race love and unite among themselves in the 21st century?

Dr. Cornel West and St. Louis Clergy Arrested during Protests Over Shooting of Two Black Male Teens

Police arrested clergy members and prominent activist and academic Cornel West on Monday as they led hundreds of protesters in a march to the police station to...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: BlackChristianNews.com
(Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast, AP) 


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