Sunday, October 26, 2014

E. Dewey Smith Questioned for Re-Tweeting Words of Lesbian Bishop Yvette Flunder

Pastor E. Dewey Smith is supposed to be a spirit-filled Baptist preacher, and even raised a man from the dead, recently.  However, he retweeted popular lesbian Bishop Yvette Flunder words and people are wondering why?  Could it be he supports her words as truth?  Could it be he maybe moving his ministry to become gay-affirming?  Here is what he retweeted, according to, "Just about every good gospel song has been written by or performed by a same gender loving person,” said Flunder, according to re-tweets on Smith’s account.


Possibly, he wants to support Bishop Yvette Flunder since she was ordained by his late friend, Bishop Walter Hawkins, founder and pastor of Love Center Church. 

 In the meantime, we will keep Pastor E. Dewey Smith and Bishop Yvette Flunder in our prayers.

E. Dewey Smith Questioned for Re-Tweeting Words of Lesbian Pastor Yvette Flunder

“There’s a disproportionate number of same gender-loving people who are the heads of music in conservative churches.”

Those are the words of lesbian pastor, Bishop Yvette Flunder, re-tweeted by Atlanta Baptist pastor, E. Dewey Smith. Why is he sharing her words...Read full article, here.

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