Saturday, October 25, 2014

How Bishop Eddie Long Could Have Saved New Birth Charlotte

Now, we sort of felt it in our spirits that New Birth Charlotte would definitely be over after gospel singer and Pastor William Henry Murphy III arrest back in 2013.  We are not sure, but we think he is a relative of Bishop Terrell Murphy (See here). For this reason, not long after that situation in the news, we learned that Bishop Terrell Murphy was departing from New Birth Charlotte.  Now in 2014, the church building is going into foreclosure.   We want to share how he could have saved New Birth Charlotte. Of course, we know they may have a faithful few members gathering at another rental location, but we mean the original empire.    

For too long, we have followed Bishop Eddie Long's ministry and a couple of our journalists even belong to the church in Atlanta.   Of course, they spotted female ordained ministers, but never knew about any of them being pastors.   We definitely feel if Bishop Eddie Long would have start allowing female pastors to be over some of his million dollar corporate locations, then this foreclosure would have never occurred.  In our opinion, the entire ministry has allegedly been prejudice against females to a certain degree, especially when it came to them being pastors.   This is what we wondered about Rev. Bernice King.  Why wasn't she allowed to be a pastor over New Birth Atlanta until Long returned from his temporary resignation?  Not only that, but allow her or another female pastor to take over New Birth Charlotte or any of the other million dollar corporate buildings that belong to Long's empire?   Furthermore, it was not just the men who were connected to Bishop Eddie Long who seem to allegedly be prejudice against women, but also women who gave all their support to men.  This has always been buried pain that was never discussed when a couple of our journalists attended New Birth Atlanta.  

Even after the sex scandal, we definitely believe if there was equality for women pastors in Bishop Eddie Long's entire empire, then God would not have allowed any of his buildings to go into foreclosure.

New Birth Charlotte Enters Foreclosure

New Birth Charlotte Church has entered foreclosure proceedings on its property off Sam Furr Road.

Although Mecklenburg County records show that foreclosure proceedings began in November 2013 and a Notice of Sale was filed Jan. 21, 2014, there have been seven Postponements of Sale, with...Read full article, here. 

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