Thursday, October 2, 2014

Minister Louis Farrakhan Claims Vaccines Responsible for Ebola

Minister Louis Farrakhan, not only blames vaccines for Ebola, but also the descendants of former white slave masters for bringing it in.  Spiritually, we can compare this to how many drug dealers assist other races like some whites or Colombians from other countries, selling drugs to their own kind. 

In our opinion, yes we agree with Minister Farrakhan that the vaccines could have been planted in Africa, but so have drugs and many blacks voluntarily took the lives of their own people for millions of dollars, for so many years.  Many blacks are in the cemetery, because of their own kind.  The truth must be told, God is not pleased.

History repeats itself, this reminds us of AIDS and other various diseases, but-many African Americans hate how God created them and resent each other.  Therefore, although Minister Louis Farrakhan is telling the truth, we feel he's powerless, because too many blacks have not surrendered to God nor worshiped Him, they choose to idolize the white race.   Too many of them will and have destroyed each other over money for the whites, involving drugs and in many cases, legitimate jobs.  Often times, it not just drugs, but the devious words spoken to each other that has killed many black people of all ages.  Ebola is very contagious, but it's another spiritual consequence of how the darker races have yielded to the alleged makers of vaccines.  Tell us, who has such energy continue to fight for the majority of a race who hates being black and will kill each other for the white race?  Furthermore, we have not yet seen all darker races repent to God for not worshiping Him, idolizing the white race and yearning their genes.

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