Monday, October 27, 2014

Pastor E. Dewey Smith, Jr. Addresses Scandals in Churches; But Is He Going to Address His Retweets by Bishop Yvette Flunder

It seems as though Pastor E. Dewey Smith has addressed various scandals that has happened in churches, but no response to his retweets by lesbian pastor, Bishop Yvette Flunder.  In our opinion, it is very unfair to address various scandals without giving a reason to retweeting words that support gay gospel artists. If you read our previous post, you will realize Pastor E. Dewey Smith had obviously been reading Flunder's tweets, which seems like some sort of spirit of idolatry.  

According to, Dewey said, 'the personal and professional challenges of ministry have been too difficult for some to overcome. Over the past year, 13 pastors have taken their lives and a myriad of others have been challenged by their own personal failings. While it’s very easy for many people to assail the character of those who’ve struggled and highlighted their “Scandals”, the question remains...'  It seems as though he's trying to take attention away from himself, since getting caught with his tweets.

The body of Christ is owed a response from Pastor Smith about his retweets by Bishop Yvette Flunder.  Again, was it because he agrees with her-or does he support her because she was ordained by his late good friend, Bishop Walter Hawkins, or-is it because he is becoming a gay affirming preacher?

Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. Addresses the Scandals in Today’s Churches! 

What do you do when you were given something that you didn’t request and it’s seemingly killing you? How do you handle a major responsibility when you feel woefully unprepared? How would you feel knowing that the thing that you’ve dedicated your life to may only last 3 years at best? Would you feel secure in committing your life to a calling or field that has one of the highest suicide rates amongst all professions and...Read full article, here.

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