Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pastor Frederick Smith Suing Radio Talk Show Host, Thaddeus Matthews

We question is pastor Frederick Smith suing Thaddeus Matthews, because he doesn't want anyone to know about his personal business or-just because Matthews has defamed him?   We used to listen to Smith's wife sermons until she allegedly threw out about one of our posts.  It allegedly seems as though the Smith's may not like it when people speak the truth about people in power, choosing to do wrong. 

In our opinion, Matthews has not defamed Pastor Frederick Smith if he really did have an affair with his nephew who is HIV positive and also, if the pastor has a concubine, according to  This nasty stuff must come to an end and God wants the black church to be purified. God says it's time to be holy and righteous.  How can preachers preach against sin if they are doing wrong themselves?  In God's Word, He told us to openly rebuke those who are wrong, that's not gossip, that's Bible: 'And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them(Ephesians 5:11).' Therefore, Thaddeus Matthews was possibly just trying to point out the errors of this pastor, so he can stop sinning, before it's everlasting too late.  Also, it says in the Word of God, that we are not suppose to take our brothers and sisters to court.  If Jesus Christ endured persecution, then so should we, but it's a possibility this has nothing to do with persecution, it has to do with Smith's alleged discreet affairs coming out.  Now, if Thaddeus Matthews is lying, God will get him for that.  However, this news about Smith's business was allegedly leaked out before Matthews told it, but it doesn't make it true and God will intervene if it's false.  There is a such a thing as people being possessed with a lying spirit, so God will reveal it all in the end.

If you recall, Thaddeus Matthews is the same talk show host who allegedly brought out the news, regarding Pastor Frank E. Ray allegedly having an affair with a woman's daughter in his church.   

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Frederick Smith in our prayers, including Thaddeus Matthews. We're believing that God will cleanse the spirit of either soul that is in error.  God bless.

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