Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pastor Marvin Sapp Still Being Stalked? There's a Spiritual Reason For It

Now, this fan page that comes from our source, The Church Folk Revolution does reveal the official Marvin Sapp fan page.  As our sister blog, RGA covered once before, the pastor is yet complaining and forewarning his stalkers to leave him alone and stop showing up at his house.  Our question is this, how do they know where he lives?  Another question, why doesn't he live in a gated community, since he has a household name?  However, thirdly, we know the answer to this one, why is he still being stalked?  It's a spiritual matter and it comes to a wise decision for him to no longer be a gospel artist.  God just wants Pastor Marvin Sapp to only lead his flock in complete righteousness and preach strict holiness, only based on His Word.   No more, R&B gospel, after that tragic situation with Dr. Teleka Patrick. God wants Pastor Marvin Sapp to totally surrender to Him and only seek Him, not a celebrity status, thus saith the Lord.  God says enough is enough, for he already grieved over First Lady Malinda's death.  Whenever there are a trail of issues in a person's life, God is talking and Pastor Sapp can no longer ignore that fact. 

Women Are Still Stalking Marvin Sapp? Haven’t They Learned From The Last Woman Who Stalked Him?

We have tried everything in our power to ignore Marvin Sapp (everything), but just in case another woman comes up missing we needed to document this latest incident. Pastor Marvin Sapp has taken to his favorite method of communication (Facebook) to plead with a group of...Read full article, here.

Photo: Sapp 

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