Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pastor Wayne Weathers Fired By Deacon, But Refuses to Leave

Although this pastor has been fired by his deacon board, he's refusing to leave his position.   Pastor Wayne Weathers who is the pastor of Memorial Baptist Church in Philadelphia was voted out, for whatever reason we are not sure.  However, we have learned Pastor Weathers has not been able to meet with the deacons for discussions, because of his very busy schedule.  Like Pastor Juan McFarland, we don't think there's any harm to stand your ground and refuse to leave the church, especially when you formed it from the very beginning. However, if a pastor has not repented for their sins nor admitted them to their congregation, then they should very well cease.

Rev. Wayne Weathers Fired By Deacon Board But Manipulated Bylaws To Remain Pastor For Life

Imagine trying to fire one of your employees, but you can never get a meeting with them because they’re either on vacation or avoiding you altogether. Welcome to Memorial Baptist Church in Philadelphia. We have just received reports of another Pastor who is refusing to vacate the Pulpit after being voted out by...Read full article, here.


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