Sunday, October 26, 2014

Recap about Demons in a Haunted House that Attacked Black Family in Indiana

We first heard of this case while listening to a previous sermon by Apostle Herman Murray.  However, Murray's entire sermon is no longer uploaded on You Tube and you must visit the church's site to buy the entire video.  This is a case of a mother's children that was demonically attacked in their Indiana home.  The reason why we feel God led us to recap on this case, is simply because there was a time when it was unheard of, for black families to endure demonic encounters.  

Nowadays, many African Americans have gotten away from being holy, what they call tradition or old fashion, they are going through hellish situations like something you would see on Poltergeist.  Therefore, it is so very important for the black church to realize, pastors must return to sanctification and spread the Word in the black community that Jesus is Lord.  For this reason, there are some other cultures that serve other gods and it is very twisted to think returning to our roots of being separate from the world is being prejudice.  Now we are not saying all whites and other races are Devil worshipers or serve other gods, but there are some and those of us who recall the history of black America recall when our people were not tormented by satanic attacks.  We knew right from wrong and refused to follow the false doctrine of some other cultures that serve other gods.  Why?  Because our ancestors were coming out of slavery and we were not equal in this country.  It seemed like those earthly battles made our people more humble, they had the fear of God and were not willing to serve idol gods.  Not saying this family on this following video is the cause of their satanic attacks, but there is a reason why this could be going on in other black families, something that used to be unheard of in the black community.  Just for the record, this family did speak about God and using blessed oil against these evil spirits, according to However, as a whole, it is time for African Americans to follow Jesus Christ and stop mingling so much with other cultures they forget there is a demonic world, it is in the music, on television, on the Internet and even in the books your kids may read at school.   You have false prophets teaching that being holy is a tradition or old fashion.  You have false prophets who think that to be proud of the way that God made you as a black person is being racist.   Absolutely not, we've got a spiritual warfare here and it is so very clear that this may not just be the only black family who has been attacked, but there are others who have not spoken out about it.   Since when in the black community have we heard of haunted houses?   Things are too modern now, so modern there are no borders, boundaries or guidelines, and demons are controlling our kids as though they are witches. Because pastors of mega ministries have become to diverse and caring more for other races, the Devil is yet destroying the black community, because of the average minister today refuses to witness to the black community about Jesus Christ.  Although, many may refuse to hear the gospel, there are many who want hear it and will fully surrender to God, but if we continue to have false prophets ignoring demonic attacks against their own kind, very soon we are going to have children not able to escape being controlled by the Devil and his demons. Just watch these following videos and see why it is so very important for the black church to return to pure holiness and start witnessing within the black community. 

Watch Video

Watch Video

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