Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Rev. Ernest Angley Accused of Genital Exams

Usually, we don't hear anything in the news about this pastor, but Ernest Angley has been accused of performing genital exams.  Now, where in the Bible does God require ministers of the gospel to give such exams?  It's nowhere in the Word of God.  Also, Angley is also accused of encouraging abortions and vasectomies.   

According to, Pastor Angley says the former associate pastor making the accusations is a liar and drug addict.   Pastor Brock Miller allegedly says Angley asked him to take off his clothes and he touched him all over, claiming he was receiving a special anointing.  That same article also reveals another confession from another man who owns a dog grooming business.  The man says he went to Pastor Angley when he was have problems in his marriage and he tried to come onto him and asked him about the size of his genitals.  Then a third man made similar confessions that Angley talked to him in a private session about his genitals.  

Ernest Angley is the pastor of  Grace Cathedral in Cuyahoga Ohio.

Pastor Who Arranged a Marriage with Congregant and a Convicted Child Molester Is Accused of ‘Genital Exams’

Former church members have accused an Ohio pastor of performing genital “examinations,” encouraging abortions and vasectomies, and even arranging a marriage between a congregant and a convicted child molester...Read full article, here.


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Photo: Phil Masturzo, Akron Beacon Journal


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