Sunday, October 26, 2014

Watch One of Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons, 'I Am the True Vine'

Praise God, we have been so very blessed after watching Apostle Lobias Murray's best sermons, 'I Am the True Vine.'  Apostle Murray preached about how important it is to stay away from sin.  We are not true to God unless we make a choice to leave sin alone.   That's the first steps, choose to no longer sin.  Once we accept Christ, we are connected, then we continue to grow the vine when we go out and witness and get souls for the Lord.   God takes care of the vineyard and we are the branches, connected to the vine and the vine, connected to the root.  Therefore, we cannot survive, when we choose to be disconnected.  We become disconnected when we do not bear fruit.  We cannot bear fruit, if we do not win souls for the Lord.  There is so much more to this sermon, 'I am the True Vine', so listen, learn and obey.

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