Sunday, November 30, 2014

Pastor of Michael Brown’s Family Delivers Sermon In Auto-Loan Shop’s Parking Lot Days After Church Burned Down

It's sad to see us returning to a similar era before Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination and when Rosa Parks refused to sit on the back of the bus, but it has come to this, because of rebellion.  Back in the day before African Americans when won equality in America our black churches were burned down, but it has occurred in recent years, the latest, in Ferguson, Michael Brown's family church.   Pastor Carlton Lee suppressed tears while preaching in an auto loan shop.

According to, Lee, who is the Brown family pastor, fought tears as he deliver the first sermon since his church building was burned — almost completely gutted — as chaos ruled the streets in parts of Ferguson on Monday night.

Beloved and brothers and sisters, the African American race must admit that although we don't deserve to have God's house burned to the ground, the majority of our people must return to the altar and repent for not serving and fully surrendering to Him.  For we have been the only race enslaved in America and the majority of our race has forgotten our roots, especially complete holiness and righteousness. Let us repent for not loving and respecting each other and most importantly, honoring and loving our Savior, Jesus Christ.

In the meantime, our prayers go out to Pastor Carlton Lee and the Brown family.

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Breaking News: Andrew Caldwell Arrested and Brutalized by Ferguson Police

The Devil is really trying to make sure Andrew Caldwell does not come out of the life of homosexuality.  Allegedly, he was arrested and brutalized by Ferguson police.  A gang of them also called him fag, repeatedly.  For a lot of black gays it's a price to pay because, if you are not being harassed because of your race, you are being harassed because of your sexuality. 

This is why we cannot understand why so many African Americans may accept the fact they are born gay or choose to be that way.  However, Caldwell says he's no longer gay and he is still facing persecution for homosexuality, which is what a lot of ex-gays yet endure, even in the black church, after you testify of God's deliverance from the alleged sin.

There's certain a price to pay once you make up in your mind you do not want to be gay anymore.  Satan wants your soul so those who serve him will try to make sure you won't change.

According to, at the red light (two Blocks from police department) several Ferguson Police officers noticed him from the video and one of the officers called him a derogatory name (Fag). After exchanging words with the Ferguson Police Officer, Andrew was taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest and making an illegal upturn.

In the meantime, we are praying for Andrew Caldwell and other ex-gays who are yet harassed and persecuted as though they are yet homosexuals.

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John Hagee Preached about Obama The Anti Christ - NWO Illuminati

For those of you who do not believe there is a such thing as the Illuminati, you better recognize there is a such a thing.  Allegedly, John Hagee preached about this secret society and gives the history of the alleged demonic organization.  John Hagee opens up about the secret behind our government today and why there is such rebellion against Jesus Christ in America.  Now, we don't know how true it is, but he allegedly says Obama is a part of this secret society among other previous U.S. presidents.  He takes it a step further, he allegedly claims that we may no longer have the dollar, but a worldwide currency.

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Source and Photo: John Hagee Ministries/You Tube Upload

Pastor Marvin Winans Talks About the Purpose of Fasting and Why Patience Is Important In Prayer

Lately, we have experienced the benefits of fasting, but there is another side to it, tests and trials may come and some of them may even confuse you, because they can be very emotionally painful.  However, Pastor Marvin Winans explains fasting, after a woman called into the Yolanda Adams show.  Honestly, Pastor Marvin Winans says there is one fast that he knows of.

You know how there are all types of fasts; Supernatural (no food and no water); then there's the Full-water fast; then there's the Daniel fast, which is only fruit or vegetable juice; then there is supposed to be some other type of fast that includes whole grains, no meat and no dairy products.   However, Pastor Winans bluntly says there is only one type of fast he knows of, that is 'no eating'.

According to, Pastor Marvin Winans talks about the purpose of fasting, and shares a funny story about how not to fast. In addition, Pastor Winans discusses patience. The thing everyone seems to struggle with. Listen to the audio player to hear him discuss why patience is so important in our prayer life, and more in this exclusive interview.

In our conclusion, we honestly feel that God honors the Full-water fast; Partial fast, which is no eating until noon or evening (however God leads you); Daniel fast. Furthermore, even the Supernatural fast, but of course we don't recommend you to do it, unless God tells you to do so.  For example, Prophet Brian Carn did the 40 day fast, because he allegedly claims God told him to do so, but naturally, it isn't safe, health-wise.

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Update: Petition Calling for Duggars to Remain on TV Passes 200,000 Signatories

It looks like the Duggars' reality show will remain on air.   God has intervened for this family and we certainly feel it's his will for America to see what He can do in a heterosexual marriage, reproduce almost 20 beautiful kids, between one man and one woman.

According to the, posted on, earlier this week the petition reached and passed 200,000 signatories, outpacing the original petition calling for "19 Kids" to be canceled.

We will keep you posted on "19 Kids and Counting" when we receive further information.  God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.


Dick Gregory Exposes MLK Preacher Friend Who Set Up His Death

Billy Kyles - The Preacher who helped kill Dr Martin Luther King Jr by Dick Gregory Kyles tolded on himself 30 years later! They all knew that MLK would be killed that day!

Read more at:

Dick Gregory Exposes MLK Preacher Friend Who Set Up His Death at Lorraine Motel [VIDEO] | AT2W

Pregnant Woman Loses Left Eye In Ferguson Protests After Police Shoot Bean Bag at Her

This is so sad, this is the picture of America today, after the death of Michael Brown. Now, we are not necessarily saying that this pregnant woman has not turned to Christ, but overall, God expects complete surrender among all African Americans.  After so many years of the majority of our race resenting the way God has made them and disrespecting and killing each other, this is what we are left with, in the 21st century, no respect from white America, after Ferguson's tragedy.  However, as we've told you so many times before, the majority of African Americans must repent and totally surrender their souls to Jesus Christ, and this is just a spiritual matter.  Many white people may turn away from Christ, but because we have been the only race enslaved in America, we were chosen to be a holy people.  Therefore, rebellion has cost us and there's been a tragic price to pay.

According to, some nonviolent citizens got caught up in the tense police crossfire, like pregnant woman, Dornella Conners, who lost her left eye.

In the meantime, Dornella Conners and all the other victims in Ferguson are in our prayers. 

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11 Churches In Brooklyn Have Been Burglarized In Past 2 Months

There's no excuse, but most likely thieves are breaking into some Brooklyn churches, because of the holidays.  Therefore, we would advise any church to be alert with high security.  However, we recall some churches being burglarized all year round, so really pastors have to make a commitment to protect the Lord's sanctuary and invest in security to protect their property.  It's very sad that burglars would chooses church to commit theft, but it shows they have no fear of God.


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Friday, November 28, 2014

Pastor Jay Dennis Suffers Concussion After Fainting in a Parking Lot at End of Daughter's Wedding

Pastor Jay Dennis of First Baptist Church at the mall fainted in the parking lost after his daughter's wedding.  Of course, it could be a serious health issue, but there is a possibility he could be worried about his daughter, we are not sure.  Sometimes, people faint and have dizzy spells due to stress. 

According to, Dennis' fall was reported caused by dehydration and other undiagnosed conditions. The fall also agitated a previous back injury, reported Florida paper The Ledger. Church staff told CP there should be more news about his health after his doctor visit Monday.

For whatever reason, Pastor Jay Dennis fainted we are going to hold him up in prayer.


Professor Cornel West says Age of Obama is Over

Professor, Dr. West says that because President Obama has not done his part to protect black and brown people from racism, allegedly, the age is over.  In our opinion, it was over as soon as he got in office, because President Obama seem to care more about gay rights than black issues, especially ignoring Biblical scriptures against homosexuality.  Therefore, nothing could ever go right in this country.  According to, “Ferguson signifies the end of the age of Obama. It’s a very sad end. We began with tremendous hope and we end with great despair.”  He went on to cite a “Jim Crow criminal justice system” that doesn’t seek justice for young black and brown people, and said adamantly there is both a race and a class war going on against that group in America right now. 

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on further news as we receive it.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.


NFL Draft Michael Sam Regrets How He Came Out

Michael Sam has been out of football since being dropped from the Dallas Cowboys practice squad and in an interview with GQ he expressed regret that he came out publicly as gay prior to the draft...Sam: If I had it my way, I never would have done it the way I did, never would have told it the way I did.

Read more at:

Dropped NFL Draft Michael Sam Regrets How He Came Out | AT2W

Pastor Jamal Bryant Wants All African-Americans to Buy Exclusively from Black Businesses Today

Dr. Jamal Bryant wants all blacks to buy from black businesses today.  Really, after the way he was smiling with Paula White on a previous TBN broadcast?  Is he along with other pastors ready to divide from the multi-cultural mega church movement, which brings in a lot of money for them on TBN, allegedly?   Furthermore, we question why now cater to black businesses?  

After so much killing within the black community and hatred among our people, what will that solve?   For so long, some black Muslims created the slogan, 'Do for Self', but for so long we have been haunted by oppressors within the race and the more blacker you are, the more uglier you are to a lot of black people.  So, tell us, in the 21st century, will catering to support black businesses heal the wounds of so many who don't feel love within the African American race? 

We ask you is it time for segregation?  Are black people prepared to love and respect each other, after so much pain we've endured within our own race?  Has the African American race advanced so much in business for black people to only buy from them? Folks, there's time for an apology within our race, before we can follow Dr. Jamal Bryant's advice.  It's time for black men and black women to come together and apologize for oppressing each other.  It's time to repent to God for not serving Him, that is number one.  It's time for black men and black women for hating how God created them and resenting each other based on complexion.   That's the only way this will work.

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Update: Pastor Mike Freeman is Making a Miraculous Recovery!!!

Praise the Lord, we just wanted to give you an update, regarding Pastor Mike Freeman's recovery.  The man of God is speaking on this following video with his wife, Co-Pastor, Lady Dee Dee Freeman about the amazing situation.  God is so good, but one of the things we paid attention to, is that the Freeman's asked us not to stop praying.  In any health situation, we agree you cannot ever stop praying. So, we just thank God for touching His body, which is a testimony of what God can do.  We know the Freeman's gave God praise, on yesterday's Thanksgiving day.

In his own words, Pastor Freeman reminds us that we can be reminded of how God powerful God is through his testimony, in any situation we are facing in our own lives.  We will continue to keep Pastor and Co-Pastor, First Lady Dee Dee Freeman in our prayers.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Director Steve McQueen to do Biopic About Singer Paul Robeson

After the success of 12 Years A Slave, anticipation has naturally been high for director Steve McQueen’s next project. And now, after announcing several television endeavors, it seems the British filmmaker has finally settled on a subject for his next feature, a topic that has fascinated him since childhood: the life of actor, singer, and activist Paul Robeson.

Read more at:

Director Steve McQueen to do Biopic About Singer Paul Robeson | AT2W

Former NBC Employee Guarded Rooms and Signed Money Orders for Victims

This is the bombshell!!...A former NBC employee and Bill Cosby confidante has claimed to the New York Daily News that he acted as a cover-up for the comedian as he slept with women and paid them off.

Read more at:

Cosby Bombshell!! Ex-NBC Employee Guarded Rooms and Signed Money Orders for Victims [VIDEO] | AT2W

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Protestors temporarily shut down part of I-35 in Dallas; 7 arrested


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Dallas News |

There's not much to say, but even in Dallas there are protestors, following the verdict in Ferguson. It's so wonderful to know as Christians, we know our God is much bigger than this situation, which is only repeated history. According to, in Dallas nearly 200 protesters gathered early Tuesday night at the Dallas Police Department, holding a prayer vigil.  We'll give further updates, whenever they come to us. God bless.


Michael Brown’s Family Church Burned Down during Violent Riots, Pastor Blames White Supremacists

Michael Brown's family church is now burned down.  Although, the pastor, Carlton Lee says white supremacists are to blame, spiritually the majority of the black race could be the blame, because they have not surrendered to God.  We are back in time of the 1950's and 60's when we are segregated and it's moving all over America. God told us in His Word, the greatest commandment is love, because over the years since we had won equality, many black people have hated themselves and each other, that is the root of this problem.    Over the years, from the time of equality in America, many blacks killed each other through words and with weapons.

In the 21st century, there should have been no hate among us.  However, if the race does not love God, how can they love anyone?

According to, Pastor Carlton Lee, who has been a vocal advocate for the Browns since their son was shot in August, has said he believes that white supremacists rather than protesters were to blame for the destruction

In the meantime, we will keep Michael Brown's family and church in our prayers.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Our Response to Dr. E. Dewey Smith's Generational Dance and Death Threats? It's Holiness or Hell!!

Allegedly, Pastor E. Dewey Smith has received death threats for using music in his church from secular rappers. However, we have no pity on him, although we would not want anything bad to happen.  He knows better to mess with anything that belongs to the Devil's territory.  God never needs any help from the secular world to win souls to Him. If they want God bad enough, they will surrender.  According to, Smith has received death threats for the use of secular music by popular entertainers such as Chris Brown and Lil Jon in the sanctuary.

Respectively, Pastor E. Dewey Smith may think it's okay to bring in what he allegedly calls, 'Generational Dancing', but there have been people who actually been to hell and saw some souls down there for being unholy.  There are even pastors who are pleading to get out of hell, because they refused to preach what is right in God's Word and they chose to gain wealth through the gospel.   They allowed what was not right just to keep and gain members.  After acknowledging what has been going on in Ferguson, we'll say it gain, 'Dr. E. Dewey Smith, it's holiness or hell.'   Once any soul goes there, there's no way out.  

God will ask each and every preacher, what happened during the time of Ferguson or any other tragic event; 'did he or she reach out to souls in their church or did they focus on one age group to spoil them with entertainment.' As we've told you before, there was a young teen who actually went on a tour to hell and Jesus Christ told her, 'I want my people to be holy.'  If there are any similarities to the world, then we cannot and will not enter the Kingdom of God.   Once we discovered there is an actual Christian rapper in hell, according to Angelica Zambrano, we humbly accept Jesus does not want any sort of secular dancing.  

While E. Dewey Smith is allowing secular dancing in his church, then there is a soul which is not a part of that particular movement who maybe older, on their way to hell.   Church was never meant to mainly attract the youth and allow them to change what is right, wrong and what is wrong, right.  A church is a hospital, for sick souls that need to be delivered and set free.  A person who is a homosexual, a prostitute, a rapist, or a murderer cannot be delivered and set free from any sort of secular dancing, they need the anointing that breaks the yoke.  A person who has AIDS, breast cancer, prostate cancer cannot get delivered from any sort of secular dancing.  They need the anointing that breaks the yoke.  What can E. Dewey Smith or any other pastor preach about to the world, when you allow it in your church?  They are not showing a difference between light and darkness. II Cor. 6:14 says, 'Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?'

Furthermore, what has been going on in Ferguson is the responsibility of many pastors like Smith who is allegedly focusing on entertainment and not deliverance against demons who have strongholds on people who are not far from the lake of fire, eternally. You cannot stop violence with carnality within the body of Christ, the church needs the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion, the 'Generational Dance' is secular dancing created straight from the pit of hell.  Such a dance which is unholy in God's House, is sacrilegious and God says if E. Dewey Smith doesn't get it out of His house, His wrath is on its' way.  He says clean it up and get it out, and keep it out, now.

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Jehovah’s Witnesses church ordered to pay $13.5 million for child abuse

If people haven't noticed, all church denominations are subject to behaving badly with members of their church. Well, we have to report that the Jehovah's Witness church has had to pay up largely for what one of their ministers did to several underage members of the church.

Read more at:

Jehovah’s Witnesses church ordered to pay $13.5 million for child abuse | AT2W

Pastor Kimberly Prophesied about Ferguson Before the Verdict

The daughter of the late Angie Ray was used by God on Twitter.  Pastor Kimberly Ray prophesied about Ferguson before the verdict.  Many of us also heard the same thing, simply because there is so much rebellion against God, across the land.   This woman of God certainly hears from God and we agree it is time to pray, because there is darkness rolling in as of right now across the nation.   However, we are so blessed, our safety is in Christ, because we are a holy people.

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Protests Flare Across the Nation Following Non-Indictment of Police Officer in Ferguson Shooting; Stores Looted, Buildings Set On Fire

Spiritually, we comprehend the reason the birth of this situation in Ferguson is getting much worst.  Time is repeating itself, simply because God has been waiting for the majority of the black race to yield totally to Him.  Because so many refuse to repent and have merged civil rights with homosexuality among other types of rebellion, things are getting much worse, just like in the time before Dr. Martin Luther King's assassination.  Don't be surprised if we should experience segregation, again.  It will be crazy, because we have a lot of diversity, but now, it's seems like it's about to cease America.  

According to, demonstrators reacted in several other cities, where police were braced for raucous protests, although they reported initially that gatherings were mostly peaceful. But the violence was concentrated in Ferguson, which was the scene of violent protests for days following Brown’s death.  

So far, there are tensions rising in New York, Seattle and Atlanta.    

2 Cor. 7:14 instructs us: 'If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.'

As Christians, God doesn't want us getting involved in rallying, but He wants us to fast, pray and unite.  He doesn't want us getting involved in civil rights, because too many people have given into sin and refuse to surrender to Him, not just many within the black race.  Therefore, let's exclude ourselves from all of this mess and seek God.  If many of these people don't love and honor God nor His commandments, then how will they ever love and respect us as God's people?

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2 Bangladesh Pastors Arrested for Preaching the Gospel

Saints of God, we are living in an evil age when some pastors are facing persecution for preaching the Word of God.   In in northwestern Bangladesh, 2 pastors are facing time in prison just for winning souls to Christ?  It's time we fall on our faces before the Lord like never before.  According to, police arrested the pastors Nov. 9 along with 41 people listening to their preaching at a rented house in Nabinagar village 186 miles northwest of Dhaka after at least 100 Muslims disrupted the meeting and began “jabbing” at the church leaders’ faces, sources said.  This is very similar to what Paul and Silas faced, now it's rising all over the world, even in America.

Photo: Graphic by CIA Maps 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Police Officer Darren Wilson Gets Off for Killing Mike Brown

We all knew this. We all knew that this Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson would walk away and see no charges against him for shooting and killing Michael Brown. We knew it and we hope that people have become aware that this is what America does in these cases...NY Times reported:...A St. Louis County grand jury has brought no criminal charges against Darren Wilson, a white police officer who fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American teenager,

Read more at:

We Knew This: Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson Gets Off for Killing Mike Brown | AT2W

Andrew Caldwell Gave Producer of iTunes Remix Song Permission to Distribute


We may not refute his testimony but we are wondering why would he agree to distribute this "I'm Not Gay No More (REMIX)? We question it because so many people have sent death threats, ridiculed and bullied him about his testimony and we wonder why be a part of the problem?

Read more at:

Andrew Caldwell Says Producer of iTunes Remix Song Asked Permission to Distribute | AT2W

Oakland Black Muslim Temple Raided

 Months after this newspaper first uncovered that BMT International Security Services submitted bogus bid documents to the Port of Oakland and other agencies while seeking -- and sometimes winning -- millions of dollars in public contracts, police made simultaneous early morning raids in Oakland and Contra Costa County, arresting the minister, Dahood Sharieff Bey, 42, his mother, Rory Parker, 63, and others on 44 felony counts.

Read more at:

Oakland Black Muslim Temple Raided in Fraud and Identity Theft Investigation | AT2W

City of Cleveland to Fine Women and Men $1,000 as Criminals for Objecting to a Person of the Opposite Sex Using Their Restrooms

After reading the title, you will realize there is another form of slavery in our land and it's not allowing us to be who we are in Christ.   The law in the city of Cleveland is that people who object to any person of the opposite sex, using their restrooms will be arrested or fined $1,000.   You see, many of you Christians who are a part of a mega church that is just focused on entertainment must realize we have no time for it. Our nation is in trouble, now what if a child wanders or a woman enters into a public restroom gets molested or raped?  

According to, as key sponsors of the “public accommodations” section of the legislation affecting private businesses, Councilmen Matt Zone and Joe Cimperman stress that the new law was created to grant transgender people the choice to visit any restroom they choose to cater to whatever whim they have — regarding their gender identity issues.

Saints of God, this is very serious you better wake up.  It's time to go back to the altar and seek God, not fame and/or fortune.  We have no time for 'bridging the gap', partying in God's House.  We are living in a wicked nation that does not allow us to separate our beliefs from this world.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

First A.M.E. Church of Los Angeles Welcomes Back Pastor J. Edgar Boyd

Good news for First AME Church of LA, Pastor Edgar Boyd will return.  Many long time members are very happy about it.  Pastor J. Edgar and First Lady Florence Boyd have done a lot for the community of LA, this is why many church members are very excited about their return.  According to, the reception, spearheaded by the Steward and Trustee Boards, featured more than twenty videotaped messages to Pastor and First Lady Florence Boyd from FAME’s auxiliaries, commissions, ministries and members.  Persons of all ages expressed their pleasure with Pastor Boyd’s return for a third year of service. 

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Testimony of Heaven and Hell by Victoria Nahale

This is a testimony of a African woman named Victoria Nahale who went to hell. She was carried by Jesus Christ and saw many people burning in flames.  The demons were celebrating about the souls that they were torturing for eternity.   Jesus told her why certain people like Christians were in hell.  Time ran out for them, so they are eating the fruit of their labor for eternity.  For debts we cannot pay, Jesus expects for us to ask for his help, but debts must be paid.   She saw a lot of her boyfriend who killed himself, neighbors and relatives in hell.  She had some of them curse her and remind her of what she did, before she gave her life to Christ. 

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rivers Teske Shares Heaven Testimony and Her Vision of the Last Day

Rivers Teske was on Joni Lamb's talk show and shared what happened when Jesus took her to heaven. She didn't want to come back, which is what each person says when they go there.  We like to share heaven testimonies like we share testimonies of those who went to hell.  She was in a Japan and while her husband was away, she cared for her children.  After her son accidentally fell out of the window, it seem like that tragedy didn't end.  At the time, she was an opera singer and she was ready to give it up, if that's what God wanted her to do. She desired for her child to live. Years later, God answered her prayer and right now, her son's an architect.  As a pastor's wife, she experienced a vision of heaven while in prayer with other ministers with her husband, a pastor of a Lutheran church.  She saw the throne room, which is very big.  You've got to hear this wonderful testimony, so you will know God is with you.

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Source and Photo: Joni Lamb Table Talk (photo: YouTube Upload

Update: Rev. Walter F. Houston Is the Pastor Who Will Not Do The Funeral Long Time Church Member

T. J. of has broke the story and now it's updated that Walter F. Houston is the pastor who refused to do a funeral, because she did not pay tithes.  The 93 year old matriarch's daughter Barbara Day says she had to carry her mother's body, Olivia Blair, from church to church. She went to ask if her mother's funeral could be held at Fourth Missionary Baptist Church, but Rev. Houston replied, 'absolutely not.'  She claims he allegedly stated, she had not paid her dues and attended the church in recent years and they didn't owe it to her.  For the last two years, Day says her mother was in the hospital for the last two years.

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COGIC Calls For an Urgent Call to Prayer in Wake of Ferguson

Now is the time to fast and make a wise choice not to eat.  Some VIP in the judicial system feel Ferguson may end up much worst than after the death of Michael Brown.  Now, Bishop Black is urging all believers in Christ to go on a 3 day fast.   If you are a prayer warrior and know how to seek God, it's time to be obedient and join COGIC.

According to, COGIC, is calling for saints all over the world to push back their plates, fast, pray and shut-in if possible for 3 days, regarding the situation in Ferguson Missouri.

We have faith God will intervene and there will be no violence after the verdict in Ferguson.

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Dr. David Jerimiah Reveals End-Times Revelation In New Book and Miniseries

If you read the book of Revelations, it can seem very scary, but it is very real and a lot of things we are seeing today compares to it.   Dr. David Jeremiah has a new book and miniseries that reveals who are a part in this evil era..  He explores through a king, judge, witnesses, false prophet and even the beast.  

According to, pastor and author David Jeremiah examines the pre-Tribulation view of eschatology from a new perspective: "He explores the book of Revelation through the lens of its major players—the exiled, the martyrs, the elders, the victor, the king, the judge, the 144,000, the witnesses, the false prophet and the beast," according to promotional material.

It pays to take heed to Dr. Jerimiah's prophetic insight, because the end of the world is very near.  Just look at all the rebellion in this world and even worse, we see it in the church, even among clergy members.

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100,000 People Ask TLC to Cancel “19 Kids and Counting” Over Duggar Family’s Stance Against Homosexuality

Here we go again, whatever is popular in America, the majority wants a part in it.  There have been 100,000 people who joined the petition against The Duggar Family's reality show, "19 Kids and Counting." 

According to, ordinance eventually passed, prohibiting public accommodation and businesses from discriminating against people based on their gender or sexual orientation.    

Let us ask you this question, how is this discrimination, just because The Duggar Family disagrees with homosexuality?   Although, Michelle Duggar's work campaigning against an anti-discrimination ordinance, we sense there is more to it.  Is there a sense of jealousy, because God has blessed this wonderful couple to bore 19 children?

In the meantime, we are praying for The Duggar Family in this evil age and we ask God to strengthen them like never before.



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Friday, November 21, 2014

Dr. Juanita Bynum Shows on Her Facebook Page, Pastor E. Dewey Smith’s Video of Secular Dancing at His Church

We may not agree with everything Dr. Juanita Bynum does or say, but we must agree with her this time.  She posted a video of Pastor E. Dewey Smith's video that went viral, because of the secular dancing he allegedly allowed in his church.  She posted, 'This is why we have to pray,' and added more to it.
According to, Dr. Juanita Bynum, 55, updated her Facebook status with a video of an Atlanta congregation dancing to secular music in the sanctuary, captioning it, “This is why we have to pray...." then she added, “People can curse at me, call me names. I really don’t care. I’m crying in worship and praise to God for giving me a conviction about what is to be kept holy. I know these are the times when I must choose between popular opinion and my stand for what is holy and sacred. I already died to self. So whatever people say, you can’t kill me.”

When a part of our staff once resided in Atlanta, we don't recall Pastor E. Dewey Smith giving into the Devil's tactics in order to recruit membership.  One of the main reasons why we used to tune into his televised broadcast, is because his church was different, this was before he got the big church, of course.  When Greater Traveler's Rest was in the smaller building, there was no secular dancing whatsoever, but then a year, right before he moved into the sanctuary, we allegedly recall, that's when he seemed to be more lenient. We began to see his praise and worship team 'bridging the gap' and even bringing in some hip hop grooves into the sanctuary.  Therefore, we are not surprised what is allowed there now.  Although, we know his church has bills to pay, there is never any excuse yielding to the wicked ways of the world.  Now, God miraculously raised a man from the dead in that church. Why would Pastor E. Dewey Smith play with God?  We fear for his soul, including his followers.  

In our opinion, if Pastor Dewey is not careful, he will have to face judgement, because God is not pleased.  He will have to give an account just like many other ministers who passed on who did not obey God to represent pure holiness.   Indeed, that's a church full of folks that are definitely on their way to hell, if they don't repent. In conclusion, just like we forewarned you about Myles Munroe 2 months before his death, we are telling you God is not pleased with E. Dewey Smith. Please take heed, no secular dancing will be in heaven, if you want to go, you must let go of the ways of this world.
  • 2 Cor. 6:14 - Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
  • 1 Peter 1:16 - Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy. 

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Houston Pastor Refuses To Bury 93 Year Old Grandmother For Non-Payment Of Tithes

We don't know the name of this pastor, because the staff at does not have the name until possibly, this weekend (according to their website).  However, we couldn't hold back to tell how dirty some of these pastors are.  Some pastor in Houston refuses to bury an elderly woman who was in hospice since 2003, she was 93 years old.

Her daughter is so upset, so she is sharing her story on this following video clip, but before you listen to what actually happened.  We want you to know, this woman is in heaven, because she did not judge this pastor when he began leading the flock. She remained at the church, regardless of him being younger than the previous pastor.  She was a member of the church for about 50 years.   Therefore, we cannot understand how a pastor could be so evil to not bury her, because she had not paid her tithes for a period of time.  She was in hospice, how could she?  Even if she did not pay them at all, that was her church, and the pastor should have respected her memory enough to bury her.

In the meantime, we are praying for this lady's daughter, for God to comfort her in this time of grievance.

Source and Photo:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dr. Juanita Bynum Allegedly Disrespects a Woman and accuses her mother of sowing the wrong seed

We feel very bad for this woman's mother. Allegedly, some lady's mother who attended Bynum's church had faith God was going to heal her through healing sheets Dr. Juanita Bynum was selling.  Let us plead with you, never have faith in whatever a preacher is selling to heal you, but put your trust in God. Most likely if they are selling you something to heal you, it's a scam, because no where in the Bible does God say you pay to get healed. 

According to, this woman is understandably upset and is not alone. Juanita has boxes of these “healing sheets” in a warehouse that she pretends holds some type of power because she wiped the boxes with oil. Then she makes a profit by selling these sheets for a price that she calls a “seed offering”.   

We say, 'Dr. Juanita Bynum is going to have to answer to God for this nonsense.' In the meantime, we pray this young lady does not get bitter and turn away from God.  You know, a lot of times the way some preachers talk to you so bad, it makes you feel like God doesn't love you.  The way Juanita Bynum responded to this woman is very familiar to us, it reminds us of a situation years ago, we've already forgiven her for, which we'd rather not discuss here.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.


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Memphis Wants COGIC to Return Convention Location to City

We are not surprised that suddenly COGIC headquarters in Memphis would like for the Convention to return to its city.  Now, after the controversy, involving the ex-gay man, Andrew Caldwell, the board may feel it's much safer there.  If there should be anymore testimonies of homosexuals being delivered and sett free, they will be able to control what is said or shown to the press.  We are not saying this is the reason, but possibly so.

According to, Memphis has bid for the return of the Church of God in Christ annual convention amid issues raised by the church about holding it in its current location in Missouri.

In the meantime, we will keep COGIC in our prayers and keep you posted on any further information.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Florida School Board Bans Bibles After Satanists Seek to Distribute Satanic Coloring Books

Beloved brothers and sisters, this nation is in trouble.  Every time we turn around, Satanists or atheists want to take our rights away, and make their beliefs dominate, even in grade schools. In this particular case in Florida, Bibles were banned and now they want Satanic coloring books to replace them.

According to, FFRF promptly sued the school board for not allowing the distribution of the materials, and eventually it complied with the organization’s demands. In July, a district judge officially dismissed the FFRF lawsuit, thus giving the green light to the in-school distribution of atheistic materials.

We cannot stop this, unless the majority of the saints return to the altars all over America and stop the entertainment in God's House of worship. We have no time to just win one age group, God wants the church of all ages to fully surrender to Him, so we can go out and have power against these satanic forces.

Source and Photo:

Source and Photo:

Myles Munroe Funeral Arrangements Announced

The Board of Governors of Bahamas Faith Ministries International along with the families of Dr. Myles and Pastor Ruth Munroe and Dr. Richard Pinder would like to announce the following dates for Home Going and Memorial Services.

Read more at:

Dr. Myles Munroe Funeral Arrangements Announced | AT2W

Former Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll Selling Longtime Home for $650,000

After allegedly receiving death threats, we can't blame Pastor Mark Driscoll for getting rid of any memories connected with his former church.   Once you let go of anything in life, you have to get rid of anything that was connected to it.  Pastor Driscoll is getting rid of his home, selling it for over a half a million dollars. 

According to, Driscoll's home was constructed in the 1920s, the 7-bedroom, 3-bath residence is located in the shadow of the University of Washington and the Montlake Cut, which connects Lake Washington to Puget Sound. 

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Mark Driscoll in our prayers.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Franklin Graham Condemns National Cathedral for Allowing Muslim Prayer Service

The son of Billy Graham is disappointed that the National Cathedral allowed Muslim Prayer Service, so he's speaking out about it.  As many of us know, Franklin Graham is one of the fewest preachers who speak out against things that have not been right in our country.   Therefore, obviously he could not hold back to speak out about this matter.

According to, Graham said, "It's sad to see a church open its doors to the worship of anything other than the One True God of the Bible who sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to earth to save us from our sins. Jesus was clear when He said, 'I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me' (John 14:6).”

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on any further details about this matter.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

Source and Photo:
(Photo: BGEA)

SCR Take on Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. Response to Dancing Video Gone Viral

Here's our take on Dr. E. Dewey Smith's response about the dancing video gone viral. Now, if nothing is wrong with secular dancing in the church, then why are people still uncomfortable with it?  It's just like homosexuality, if you got to question it, it must be wrong.  We watched a recent classic sermon by Dr. Fredrick K. C. Price and he allegedly said for example, oral copulation, if you got to question it, it must be wrong to do it.  Therefore, we say the same thing about dancing in the church.

Beloved brothers and sisters, those of us who are mature in the Lord, if we discover a church is spoiling and pampering the youth, in order to cater to their expectations, it's time to move on.  It's time to be in a church that is for strict holiness for all ages.  God does not have trends in His Kingdom nor has He ever needed the Devil's dance to win any age group.  If the youth and older people are serious about God, they will attend church, because they love Him, not just for show or to go for what is popular.  It's time out for entertainment, hell is eternally burning beneath us and every pastor who does not preach the truth, they will go to that everlasting place of torment.  There have been previous hell testimonies and some of these people came back and said God is not for the secular movement in the church and they even saw a lot of pastors and young people down there.  Therefore, whatever Pastor E. Dewey Smith says, it is wrong to allow secular dancing in God's House.  Only under the anointing should we be moved during worship to our God.  When David danced, it was under the anointing, nothing worldly or seductive, similar to the performances within the world as our journalists previously posted in response to Mary Mary's excuse on Repent Gospel Artists blog.

Source and Photo:

Watch Dr. Taketa Williams Preach One of Her Best Sermons!!!

dr taketa williams preach - the power of thought

Sisters in Christ, we've been blessed so far, by this powerful woman of God. Dr. Taketa Williams preaches from the depths of her soul. This is one of the best sermons we've heard her preach, 'The Power of a Thought'. She preaches that we ought to be positive and not listen to negative thoughts. We shouldn't let them enter our ears from other people and watch who we keep company with. Be very careful what we allow in our spirits. If it's negative thoughts, then we immediately...Read full article and watch video, here.

Source:, 2nd Edition
Photo: You Tube Upload/Dr. Taketa Williams

Monday, November 17, 2014

Allegedly, KKK in Missouri Have Threatened ‘Lethal Force’ Against Ferguson Protesters After Grand Jury Decision

As you know, we don't like to give much information on racial matters, mainly spiritual situations.  However, we must give you the details, regarding what's going on in Ferguson.  Allegedly, the KKK has forewarned they will use lethal force against the protestors, after the Grand Jury's Decision.  If we go back to the era when Dr. Martin Luther King was alive, what is it going to be like all over this nation?

According to, the fliers, reportedly distributed by the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, began appearing recently in the St. Louis area and on social media after, the group says, protesters threatened the lives of police officers and their families, the site says.

We've got one thing to say to African Americans in Ferguson and all over the nation, repent and seek God.  Bring yourself down to your knees and cry out to God.  Focus on Him and ask Him to show you how to love yourself and each other.  Repent for not worshiping and serving Him.  Repent for hating being black and killing each other.  Do this every night, or at least twice a day, then watch things turn around, not only in Ferguson, but across the nation.

Source and Photo:

Homosexual Couple File Complaint Against Their Pastor for Refusing to Preside Over Their Marriage Ceremony

Here we go, now there are a couple of reasons why this church may have refused to marry this gay couple.  Although, we do not agree with homosexuality, we deeply feel there is some racism that bi-racial gay couples may face (doesn't make it right though).  This could be the case with Kenny Barner and Scott Chappell, we don't know.  Although, they are both men, they are also two different races and we've never heard of a wide acceptance of white and black gay couples; have we?

According to, Green Street members Kenny Barner and Scott Chappell, who have been together for nine years, filed the complaint and spoke during a Wednesday evening press conference at their church. They stood with their pastor, the Rev. Kelly P. Carpenter, and made clear that their beef was with the denomination, not Carpenter.

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on this case, if we receive more information. God bless.

Source and Photo:

Celebrity News: Bill Cosby's Reaction We Didn't See

When NPR's radio host asked Bill Cosby about the rape charges, he allegedly just shook his head, no.   This is probably all he can do, if he feels like all odds are against him and he didn't do anything wrong.   It's sad, we pray for this man.  

Over the years, he's been through a lot.  Do you recall the previous accusation years ago, about that child born out of wedlock who was supposed to be his and an affair with the child's mother?   We never believed it, because, the girl look just like the other man in that woman's life.  Then, when we heard his son was murdered in LA, it was very sad.  Now, this woman is allegedly accusing him of rape.  Our question is, if it happened, why is she just now bringing it up after so long?  Could she like some other women have had an affair with Cosby and then, after all this time, mad, because he refuses to leave his wife, Camille for her?   It happens all time.  Yes, some women tell the truth, but we question why she or this second woman didn't call police when he supposedly raped them?  There are some women who will do this and let's not even mention the fact that Cosby is up in age now and just maybe these women want some cash before he's laid to rest.  You have to look at all sides of the situation of what it could be.   Some women are so dirty towards each other, you just don't know what to believe when something like this comes out.   

In the meantime, we will keep Bill Cosby in our prayers and pray for the accusers, if they are lying on him for their own financial benefit.

Watch Video

Ravens’ Ray Rice and Wife Janay To Appear on Today Show

UPDATE on November 17, 2014:
The couple is set to air a sit down with Today Show host Matt Lauer.

Preparing for their first joint interview since footage of the incident went viral,...

Ravens’ Ray Rice and Wife Janay To Appear on Today Show | AT2W

COGIG's Bishop Blake Apologizes to Andrew Caldwell

 b blake

Bishop Blake stated in this Sunday's sermon that the "preacher" from last week on Saturday during  the 107th Holy Convocation spoke harshly against homosexuals "disrespectful", "offensive", and "inappropriate". He was obviously speaking about Superintendent Earl Carter.

Read more at:

Breaking News!! Bishop Blake Apologizes to Andrew Caldwell [VIDEO] | AT2W

Sunday, November 16, 2014

COGIC General Assembly Passed A Resolution Restating Its Position On Same Sex Marriage

It is an honor to acknowledge that COGIC is standing on the Word of God, forbidding same sex marriage.   

In a letter, they have restated a resolution on its position, regarding same sex marriage.  COGIC does not condone same sex marriage.  According to COGIC's resolution, it states strictly follows biblical guidelines that marriage should remain between one man and one woman, read here.

Source and Photo:


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