Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2 Bangladesh Pastors Arrested for Preaching the Gospel

Saints of God, we are living in an evil age when some pastors are facing persecution for preaching the Word of God.   In in northwestern Bangladesh, 2 pastors are facing time in prison just for winning souls to Christ?  It's time we fall on our faces before the Lord like never before.  According to BlackChristianNews.com, police arrested the pastors Nov. 9 along with 41 people listening to their preaching at a rented house in Nabinagar village 186 miles northwest of Dhaka after at least 100 Muslims disrupted the meeting and began “jabbing” at the church leaders’ faces, sources said.  This is very similar to what Paul and Silas faced, now it's rising all over the world, even in America.

Source: BlackChristianNews.com
Photo: Graphic by CIA Maps 

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