Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beware of the Satanic Plan Involving, COGIC and Young Man Who Testified About His Deliverance From Homosexuality

Christians Who are in Hell, Right Now!! Take Heed Before it's too late!!!
Beloved sisters and brothers in Christ.  Those of you who have studied what hell is really like, it's beneath this earth.  It's another planet we cannot see, we are not talking about the planets above us like Mars, Jupiter or Saturn, but we are speaking of another demonic world that has existed since Satan got thrown out of heaven.  Satan has hated Jesus Christ from the beginning of time, he is jealous of the Son of God.  Therefore, he knows what was going to take place after slavery.  He knew that when many black people got free, they would fall into various evil works of iniquity, which the majority of humanity supports.   Therefore, this is why we say we can no longer fight racism without being fully submitted to Jesus Christ. Really, racism and any other sort of prejudice is not our battle to fight, because it's spiritual.  So, this sudden controversy with Andrew Caldwell's testimony going viral, after Prophet Earl Carter's sermon is nothing but a spiritual battle.  Satan is waiting for all of the black folks who are ashamed to be holy and righteous to come to his eternal place when they die. If you followed a lot of the hell testimonies, you will recall how when a soul dies and is cast into hell, demons are laughing, saying, 'we got you now!!!'  Then, the souls are there for eternity.  This is why we cannot live in the flesh, but only in the Spirit, because either we are evil or holy, we can no longer be in the middle, God does not accept that. So, now is the time to totally separate from the black community, for refusing to be holy and righteous.  Now, is the time to leave family and friends who are opposing God's Word.   After we end this life, there is judgement and then, after we stand before God, we are going to be judged on how we behaved during this controversy between COGIC and Andrew Caldwell.  Let us ask you this question, do you love God more than civil rights issues?  If you answered yes, then you should be ready to separate from all black people who refuse to follow Christ and the commandments within His original Word.

SCR readers, hell is very real, we've heard many testimonies and souls are pleading with Jesus to let them out, but they are there for eternity, because of their rebellion and refusal to serve God without shame.  They are there because they refused to endure persecution.  They are there because they were not willing to be disliked by their own race, friends and family.  It's okay not to be liked and lose some friends, because heaven will be our reward.  From slavery to this era reveals many black people, along with some other races will not go to heaven, because they refused to follow the guidelines of the Word of God and wanted to be liked by their family and friends.  'You must endure hatred by your own kind and reach out to all races who desire to follow Christ, if not, then hell is your reward,' thus saith the Lord.

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