Saturday, November 8, 2014

Billy Graham Celebrated 96th Birthday and Says He's Looking Forward to Going to Heaven

It must be a wonderful thing to live to see 96 years on earth and know when Jesus Christ is ready for you, you're going to heaven.  That's what Billy Graham says, he looks for to going to that glorious place.  One thing we can say, whenever Billy Graham preached the gospel, he won souls for God; therefore, he had a purpose he fulfilled and this is why he does not have to fear where he's going.

According to, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association also announced the debut of "Heaven," the latest "My Hope with Billy Graham" film, which features a never-before-seen message from Billy.

If we don't live a holy life and seek souls for Christ, we can never expect to say the same thing or even deserve to live as long as Billy Graham.  God has blessed this man of God, because he held an example before millions of souls and was never ashamed of it.   He always gave an invitation for souls to repent after his sermons and prepare them for where he's going, heaven.

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