Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady Moving The Potter’s House North Dallas to Frisco, Texas

The location of Potter's House North looks more like a recreational center and not a church, in our opinion.  We are very concerned that there will not be an atmosphere of deliverance from those who have been bound by sin and demonic oppression.  We don't need anymore entertainment in the body of Christ, but people need to see the cross, which should be the center of attention for repentance.  Furthermore, it may appear nice, but what's going to happen to all those souls that attended The Potter's House North in McKinney?  How are they going to make it to Frisco, if they don't have transportation?   If God didn't tell Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady to move to Frisco, what is the purpose to move to Frisco; is it because the land was much cheaper?  

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, there are many big, beautiful buildings yet standing, but that should not be the focus, the focus should be, how many souls are being won into the Kingdom of God.  The appearance or size of the building is irrelevant, because people don't remain here forever, we all have got somewhere to go.  There have been millions of dollars spent on many big mega churches, but people are yet passing away.  The main thing is, that we get revived here on earth so we can go to heaven and don't end up in hell.

Another thing, will Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady connect a homeless shelter to their new facility?  We certainly pray that they do. 

The Potter’s House North Dallas is Moving Into Their New Church Home! Bishop Joby and Sheryl Brady!

Yesterday, was a huge celebration for The Potter’s House North Dallas! It was their final service in the Dr. Pepper Arena.

The guest speaker of the day was Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr. and boy was there a message from the Lord! Dr. Dewey spoke on the power of...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo: Joy105.com


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