Saturday, November 15, 2014

Carlton Pearson Speaks Boldly Against COGIC Video of the Reformed Homosexual's Testimony

Praise the Lord, of course, we are not surprised Bishop Carlton Pearson is speaking out against the COGIC video that went viral. Many of you the reformed homosexual testified how God saved him from homosexuality.  To be honest with you, if this young man would have testified over 20 years ago, many black people would not be so supportive of the gay community against him.  However, since Pearson allegedly believes everyone goes to heaven and there is no Devil or hell, he is going to speak out; in other-wards, 'misery loves company' as the old saying goes.

Usually, Carlton Pearson has allegedly bragged on being a descendant of COGIC, but now we supposed since he is the over the gospel of Inclusion, he desires the people who hate the video to now follow him, just our opinion, not a fact.  

We are praying for Carlton Pearson and those who are following the gospel of Inclusion. Furthermore, we are keeping Andrew Caldwell, including all other reformed homosexuals who are hated because of their testimony about their deliverance.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.


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