Monday, November 17, 2014

Celebrity News: Bill Cosby's Reaction We Didn't See

When NPR's radio host asked Bill Cosby about the rape charges, he allegedly just shook his head, no.   This is probably all he can do, if he feels like all odds are against him and he didn't do anything wrong.   It's sad, we pray for this man.  

Over the years, he's been through a lot.  Do you recall the previous accusation years ago, about that child born out of wedlock who was supposed to be his and an affair with the child's mother?   We never believed it, because, the girl look just like the other man in that woman's life.  Then, when we heard his son was murdered in LA, it was very sad.  Now, this woman is allegedly accusing him of rape.  Our question is, if it happened, why is she just now bringing it up after so long?  Could she like some other women have had an affair with Cosby and then, after all this time, mad, because he refuses to leave his wife, Camille for her?   It happens all time.  Yes, some women tell the truth, but we question why she or this second woman didn't call police when he supposedly raped them?  There are some women who will do this and let's not even mention the fact that Cosby is up in age now and just maybe these women want some cash before he's laid to rest.  You have to look at all sides of the situation of what it could be.   Some women are so dirty towards each other, you just don't know what to believe when something like this comes out.   

In the meantime, we will keep Bill Cosby in our prayers and pray for the accusers, if they are lying on him for their own financial benefit.

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