Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dr. Juanita Bynum Allegedly Disrespects a Woman and accuses her mother of sowing the wrong seed

We feel very bad for this woman's mother. Allegedly, some lady's mother who attended Bynum's church had faith God was going to heal her through healing sheets Dr. Juanita Bynum was selling.  Let us plead with you, never have faith in whatever a preacher is selling to heal you, but put your trust in God. Most likely if they are selling you something to heal you, it's a scam, because no where in the Bible does God say you pay to get healed. 

According to, this woman is understandably upset and is not alone. Juanita has boxes of these “healing sheets” in a warehouse that she pretends holds some type of power because she wiped the boxes with oil. Then she makes a profit by selling these sheets for a price that she calls a “seed offering”.   

We say, 'Dr. Juanita Bynum is going to have to answer to God for this nonsense.' In the meantime, we pray this young lady does not get bitter and turn away from God.  You know, a lot of times the way some preachers talk to you so bad, it makes you feel like God doesn't love you.  The way Juanita Bynum responded to this woman is very familiar to us, it reminds us of a situation years ago, we've already forgiven her for, which we'd rather not discuss here.  God bless and thanks for reading SCR.


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