Friday, November 14, 2014

Georgia Pastor Holds Bible Study on Sidewalk After Being Fired and Banned from Church

Former pastor of Old Stone Mountain Baptist Church, Pastor Darryl Momon has been fired by his congregation.  However, he's not letting that stop him from preaching the gospel.  Momon is holding Bible Study on the sidewalk in front of the church.  This is a very sad case, we wonder what God is saying about all of this.

According to, the small church of 80 members is divided. A deacon board fired the pastor back in June and give him a $4,000 severance check, but the 52-year-old preacher and several church members contend that ousting was illegal. They say Momon has been reinstated by a majority of the congregation who followed church by-laws.

It's such a shame that people of God cannot come together and reconcile, but instead choose conflict to solve their discrepancies.  We are supposed to be different from the world.  Let's keep Pastor Darryl Momon in our prayers and we certainly hope all those who fired him seek God and ask Him if they did right.

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