Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Girl Dies From Luekemia Went to Heaven and Hell and Came Back to Testify

According to this following video clip, this young girl gives a testimony of going to hell and witnessing souls who were there for evil deeds they committed on earth.  She died of leukemia and Jesus allowed her to see the tormented souls in hell fire.  Souls were pleading with Jesus to deliver them from hell, but He reminded them, they should have known Him.   If there is no hell as Bishop Carlton Pearson and others allegedly say, then why would Jesus allow this young girl to see hell?   Souls are being tormented right now as we share this testimony with you.

According to this YouTube video, this Native American Girl Mishayle Nahea shared her testimony on 4-28-13 At The Church At The North Gate Edmond, Ok Waterloo Rd. & I-35. Mishayle had Leukemia & Mursa and got very ill & went into Coma. She Died, Went To Hell, seen the torment, Went To Heaven, Seen Jesus, Came Back To Life, Was Cured Of Leukemia & Mursa, & now is Living For Jesus & Telling Her Testimony of what she seen.

This young girl pleads with you and says these souls are so miserable and very hot.  People were crying for the Lord to save them from their hot cells, they will abide for eternity.  She pleads with you not to go hell.   

Then, Jesus Christ let her see heaven and He began to comfort her. 

A lot of people make mockery of testimonies like this when those who've been to hell testify about it, but you will be reminded of this testimony at the end of your life.  You can't say you were not forewarned about hell. If you want to go to heaven, repent now and get it right, before it's everlasting too late.  Hell is real just like heaven is real.  Choose if you are going to serve God or the Devil.  If you love Jesus, you must be willing to experience people making fun of you for serving Him.  When Jesus walked the earth, they called Him crazy and Judas Iscaroit even turned against Him. This girl doesn't mind the persecution and neither should we.

Listen to Video Clip

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