Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Korean Girl Goes To Hell And Paints Pictures About What She Saw!!!

This young girl attended all night prayer meetings and had a visitation from Jesus Christ.  He took her to hell and she cried the entire time.  Jesus showed her countless souls dropping down into the pit of hell, every second.  Saints of God, beware, hell is very real and if we choose to follow the wicked ways of this world we will be lost.   Secular TV is a sin; demons torment our minds and spirits when we watch these secular TV shows and movies and we don't even know it.  There are evil spirits in cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. When we say cruel things to offend our brothers and sisters, we will reap hell, if we don't stop and repent.   There is so much more this girl saw, but please take heed after you listen to her talk about her tour to hell with Jesus Christ.  Love you, in Jesus name, God bless all of you SCR readers.

Watch Video

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