Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Florida School Board Bans Bibles After Satanists Seek to Distribute Satanic Coloring Books

Beloved brothers and sisters, this nation is in trouble.  Every time we turn around, Satanists or atheists want to take our rights away, and make their beliefs dominate, even in grade schools. In this particular case in Florida, Bibles were banned and now they want Satanic coloring books to replace them.

According to, FFRF promptly sued the school board for not allowing the distribution of the materials, and eventually it complied with the organization’s demands. In July, a district judge officially dismissed the FFRF lawsuit, thus giving the green light to the in-school distribution of atheistic materials.

We cannot stop this, unless the majority of the saints return to the altars all over America and stop the entertainment in God's House of worship. We have no time to just win one age group, God wants the church of all ages to fully surrender to Him, so we can go out and have power against these satanic forces.

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