Friday, November 14, 2014

Is Bishop Charles Ellis III Now Affirming Homosexuality? What Would His Father Say?

Allegedly, the prominent Detroit pastor, Bishop Charles Ellis has been associating with the gay pastor of Atlanta, Oliver Clay Owens III.  Over the past 20 years since we've seen many black churches rising to become mega ministries, there has been a lack of holiness among some clergy members.   So, this previous article from back in 2012 by does not surprise.  Since the the parents of a lot of these pastors in the Apostolic and COGIC denominations have passed on, it seems as though they have weakened to expectations of the gay community.   Furthermore, the latest coming from allegedly reveals Ellis continues to open himself up for scrutiny, in light of the fact he currently travels with an alleged homosexual by the name of Rodney Howell, who does his hair and designs Ellis' clothing.  We wonder what his father, the late Bishop David Ellis would say about his alleged association with gay preachers in the black church?

Watch Video, 'The Righteous Shall Survive'

Photo: Black Christian News

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