Saturday, November 15, 2014

Listen to PimpPreacher's Interview with Andrew Caldwell, Ex-Gay Man Who Gave Testimony at COGIC Convention!!!!

We want you to hear Andrew Caldwell's interview with Church Folk Revolution.  He truly is set free and not blaming COGIC at all for everyone's negative comments about his deliverance.  He says God told him to go up there.  Praise the Lord, he says he's been delivered for over a year and has a desire to be with a woman.   He says he used to dye his hair different colors, carry a purse and act like a lady, but he no longer does so.  This is nothing but God, this young man grew up in the Baptist church and was not ashamed and still not ashamed about his deliverance.  He has belonged to COGIC for two years.  May God bless him, this is so wonderful.

Listen to Andrew Caldwell tell his side of the story and be inspired and support him, if you truly love God and follow Jesus Christ

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