Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Man Gets Delivered From Homosexuality At GOGIC Convocation: Praise the Lord!!!

A lot of bloggers who no longer agree with God's Word and are followers of the gay affirming movement is making fun of this, but we are indeed praising God with this young man.  God delivered and set him free from homosexuality.  You may not know it, but it's much bondage for many people being gay or lesbian.  You think you've found love, but then Satan deceives you, after you have given your body to the same sex for so long.  The Devil laughs in your face, after your ex-lovers go and find other gays to sleep with, then you're left all along as though you are just a piece of flesh.   We know why this young guy is rejoicing and making a vow never to go back to homosexuality.  Can you praise the Lord with us?

Source and Photo: http://newsone.com

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