Monday, November 3, 2014

Man's Testimony of People Being Burned Alive in Hell, Lake of Fire!!!

This man of God gives us his true testimony about his visit to hell.  One day, he was praying and ask God to use him and then, one day he was sitting in his living room and began to go down into a dark, deep pit.   Brothers and sisters in Christ, we endure some of the worst trials, because Satan wants all of us.  He has strategies, to make us feel as though God doesn't love us.  He shares stories about different people, pleading with him to help them escape hell.

If you are hurting from the way people mistreated you and feel it's no use in serving the Lord, the best way to get over it, is to pray for them, so you nor them will be lost.  This man actually reveals what these demons were like in hell, including the fire attacking people.   No matter how much we are hated, we must spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and always have love in our hearts.   Let us witness to all people who are lost in sin, including backsliders.  Let us not be mean to them, if they are mean to us.  Let us not shun those who have a bad reputation of being notorious sinners.   We must all escape hell.  You may think, it's so difficult to love those who mistreated you, but when you look at the above photos, you will realize it's not as hard as the Devil makes it.

This man of God's life was on a big screen when he was in heaven.  Angels pull for us to not fall into temptation here on earth.  Although, we cannot see or hear them, they are very real.  If we want to make it to heaven, let us not fret over earthly matters, but give it to Jesus.  Our duty is to vow to be holy and righteous and to win souls for the Lord..

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Source and Photo: You Tube Upload

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