Sunday, November 16, 2014

National Cathedral Hosts Islamic Prayers; Lone Protester Interrupts Service

We want you to know God is not pleased with churches allowing Islamic prayers in His House.  The Lord's House is supposed to be for His children to worship only.  You see, this is why we don't agree with the theology that God accepts all religions and those who worship other gods will inherit the Kingdom of God.  We know this protester agrees with us, she was so bold to disrupt their prayer at the National Cathedral.  

According to, the Muslim prayer service held at the Washington National Cathedral was briefly disrupted by a protester, according to a local NBC report.

"Jesus Christ died on that cross over there!" a woman said loudly, immediately after announcements at the beginning of the service were made. "He is the reason why we are to worship only him. Jesus Christ is our lord and savior!"

According to the NBC report, she continued, "We have built, and allowed you here in mosques across this country. Why can't you worship in your mosque, and leave our chuches alone?"

Saints of God, we need to stop so much diversity in the church that allows Islamic believers to worship where we glorify our Father.   

(Photo: NBC Washington screengrab)

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