Friday, November 28, 2014

Pastor Jamal Bryant Wants All African-Americans to Buy Exclusively from Black Businesses Today

Dr. Jamal Bryant wants all blacks to buy from black businesses today.  Really, after the way he was smiling with Paula White on a previous TBN broadcast?  Is he along with other pastors ready to divide from the multi-cultural mega church movement, which brings in a lot of money for them on TBN, allegedly?   Furthermore, we question why now cater to black businesses?  

After so much killing within the black community and hatred among our people, what will that solve?   For so long, some black Muslims created the slogan, 'Do for Self', but for so long we have been haunted by oppressors within the race and the more blacker you are, the more uglier you are to a lot of black people.  So, tell us, in the 21st century, will catering to support black businesses heal the wounds of so many who don't feel love within the African American race? 

We ask you is it time for segregation?  Are black people prepared to love and respect each other, after so much pain we've endured within our own race?  Has the African American race advanced so much in business for black people to only buy from them? Folks, there's time for an apology within our race, before we can follow Dr. Jamal Bryant's advice.  It's time for black men and black women to come together and apologize for oppressing each other.  It's time to repent to God for not serving Him, that is number one.  It's time for black men and black women for hating how God created them and resenting each other based on complexion.   That's the only way this will work.

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